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Digital Clipping Path is an image editing and design outsourcing company with extensive experience in the Network subcontinent. We have almost 5 years of professional experience in any image editing service. Our expert graphic designers are best to perform image Shadow service (Natural Shadow, Drop Shadow, Cast Shadow, Reflected Shadow) using their awesome formula. We are using the latest software (Photoshop, Illustrator and tools) in the image shading service that paves the way for better performance than any other company in the region. At Digital Clipping Path, we provide you with the smoothest Shadow results for your photography of product you laugh automatically with Meraviglia!


Types of Image Shadow Services We Provide:

Deep engraving or image cropping is a tedious and time-consuming job for any professional photographer or online retailer. We will try to provide a neat and clean work experience, we work with 24/7 professional image editors. Your success is our priority.


Natural Shadow shows that the natural tone maintains the originality of the images and does not add anything artificial to them. But when we remove the background while editing, at the same time we will remove the shadow that was produced by the image naturally. To get it back, as an image editor we will create it manually and optimizes its opacity and transparency to give it a realistic and lifelike look.



The drop shadow is the other important feature of these services. This gives a realistic impression of the image that appears to float on the shadow behind it. In this feature, the shadow does not look like the real object in the photo. It is a unique shading technique that shows a view as if the product is exposed to direct sunlight from above. For displaying e-commerce products, it is an essential shadow effect compared to other techniques.


When we through light on an object, we see a sloping shadow fall behind it. It is called cast-away shadow. When creating a more natural shadow of a human or large object by this effect is more practical. In Photoshop, we can add a cast-away shadow when the object hits the surface. It is more realistic than other shadows.



Do you ever notice the reflection in a mirror? The mirror reflects the same thing that is in front of the mirror. In photo editing service, this is the same thing that reflects shadow in the digital space. If you need a mirror reflection of your objects or images, then this service will serve you an exclusive experience.

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In addition to guaranteeing 100% quality, we guarantee cost reduction through a money rotation strategy. So if you have multiple files/jobs accumulated to do image editing tasks for image Shadow (Natural Shadow, Drop Shadow, Cast Shadow and Reflection Shadow) at the most convenient and economical price, ask for help to free your load and promote your products. We value our clients’ purpose and strive to turn their visions into artistic realities.

We can apply clipping paths to the desired images that retain the original shadows, although by removing the background, on the other hand, we can also form a new drop shadow that will appear completely normal and can help increase images where the original lighting settings do not it was particularly favorable.

Adding a mirror effect or a reflected shadow creates the illusion that the product presented in your photo is not simply an immaterial image, but has a depth and solidity that comes from its relationship with another facade.

Digital Clipping Path is adept at creating the most appropriate reflection or shadow of the rendered model or product in your image, using only expertly chosen Photoshop retouching tools to create a refined product to be proud of.


The digital clipping path always provides all the services at a very competitive price. It mainly depends on the complexity of the project. Therefore, we warmly welcome all our clients to contact our sales wings and value the product through mutual understanding, considering the complexity of the work. We always promote a fixed monthly work volume, to offer you the best price.

Delivery time

Digital Clipping Path is always happy to please its clients by offering them exceptional work. We are confident to deliver the best design in a short time without compromising on quality. The delivery time depends on the volume and complexity of the work. Our usual project delivery time is 24 hours, however, we are allowing projects to be delivered in a very short time if the client requests it. That is why we always prefer to set delivery times taking into account the volume, complexity and deadline of the client.

Digital Clipping Path is adept at creating the most appropriate reflection or shadow of the rendered model or product in your image, using only expertly chosen Photoshop retouching tools to create a refined product to be proud of.