Is a free trial important?2021-04-07T12:19:42+06:00

Yes, it’s important. Clipping path is a complex process of photoshop. The client should know that the brief can be executed online. A trial is used to check the work quality and analyze the company. When a client comes to an offshore company, he needs to analyze the company with a free trial. A good clipping path company always gives you more free trials.

Can I apply for a free trial as a new client?2021-04-07T12:20:07+06:00

Yes, Digital Clipping Path always likes to show their work skill output by doing a test job as the first picture free of cost. After our trial satisfaction, you can decide to work with us.

What’s about your price list?2021-04-07T12:20:41+06:00

Our price list is created with a specialist team. These prices are not cheap, it’s affordable with our work quality.

When will I pay you?2021-04-07T12:21:07+06:00

Our policy is to work first. After your work is done and satisfied, you need to pay us.

How do you do my work?2021-04-07T12:21:49+06:00

Digital Clipping Path always does its work manually in photoshop using a pen tool, we don’t use any magic tool on it. Because you need to use these images or files for your business.

What are the turnaround times to complete the job?2021-04-07T12:40:43+06:00

We always maintain our turnaround time as soon as possible. Generally, we reply to your email in just 40 minutes. Our workers work on 3 shifts 365 days 24/7, for that it’s easy to maintain our turnaround time.

Are all my files secured to your warehouse?2021-04-07T12:41:31+06:00

We work securely. Your file’s security is always very important for us. When you send us your files, the security issue/ responsibility comes to us with that. Our FTP server is very secured and confidential, your files are secured with our FTP server.

What format of files can I send?2021-04-07T12:42:18+06:00

You can use JPG, TIF, TIFF CR2, PNG, JPEG, EPS or PSD file format to send us your files. Though we prefer the JPG format for a better sending speed. But, it’s your choice to send your file in which format will send it.

How could I send and receive my files?2021-04-07T12:42:40+06:00

Quantity and weight are not a matter at all. How many files do you need to transfer? Our FTP drive is huge and unlimited with strong security. You just drop your file on our drive then it’s our responsibility to take care of all the images.

What methods do I need to pay?2021-04-07T12:43:07+06:00

We usually accept payment through PayPal. We also accept local bank transfer payment on client’s request.

Where do you differ from other providers?2021-04-07T12:44:04+06:00

So many reasons here that make us apart from other providers such as; at least 2 free trials, affordable prices, 24-hour online support. Security of images, etc. Rechecking for quality control before the final handing over the job to the client, and accept full payment after the job is completed that apart from us from other providers.

How do you think your working output is 100% appropriate?2021-04-07T12:44:39+06:00

Our production house is designed with experienced workers. We always work with heart and soul for our client’s satisfaction. Let try our service to take a new taste of the working experience.

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